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“TWO HANDS, ONE HEART” (2015, Arthur Lipner)
“One of the most prolific vibraphone and marimba players working on the New York scene. This is indeed a rewarding and satisfying "best of" compilation by a fine and hugely talented instrumentalist...demonstrates, in addition to his obvious virtuosity, Lipner's not inconsiderable ability as a composer.”

“A surprise package wrapped in artistic expression and tied with bow-ribbons of classical-rooted technique and anatomical musicianship.”              

“A tasty palette cleanser of a date, sit back, sample and enjoy---this is the mental and sonic oasis you've been looking for. Hot stuff throughout.”   

“Where the electric cd will stand solid with any vibraphonist of the last half century, the acoustic one launches Lipner over the top and stands as the very best such demonstration I’ve ever heard, stunning in its beauty and depth. I was struck by the thoughtfulness and ubiquitous individuality contained in his work. He’s re-invented the instrument (vibes).  Mark Tucker, Verita Vampirus CD Reviews                                                                                                                               
“Soulful..hard-hitting fusion..swings with delight. This one’s a fun one.

“A common thread holding these 24 tracks together is the clear, hypnotic work performed by Lipner on the vibes and the marimba.  The first track, "Crystal Mallet" solo vibraphone is stunningly captured, and this is where you'll see Lipner's innovative style. A tremendous cross-section of musical styles and arrangements—chamber jazz, funk, Brazilian samba and jazz fusion. You’ll discover so many possibilities of mallet instruments just by hearing this man play for a couple of hours. It's downright educational.  The sound quality is consistently excellent.”

“An album made for all lovers of jazz, and for all lovers of vibraphone and marimba. Often dancing..a fluid journey..We are in the presence of a master of the genre!

“Lipner has a knack of crafting communicative and easy-going numbers, attractive tunes bathed in warm and wittily changing ensemble colours.  He ensures that variety is accompanied by finesse. Happy thematic ease, deft soloing, ensemble warmth and vitality.”

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“BRASILIAN VIBES” (2011, Arthur Lipner/Nanny Assis)

“..beautiful instrumental and vocal arrangements based on a landscape of rock-solid percussion grooves. Recognized as one of the world’s top mallet players, Lipner delivers virtuosic craftsmanship on both vibes and marimbas.” 


“Vibes and Marimba share common African roots with Brazilian percussion. Yet, there is very little co-mingling of these instruments in Brazilian jazz or MPB (Brasilian Popular Music). Until now! Lipner’s vibes and marimba are the threads connecting these varied tracks in a beautifully produced recording which makes a huge step in moving his instruments forward in the international music scene.”


“Arthur Lipner plays the instrument as no one else. He's among the best vibraphone players, and has a special heart for Brazilian music. The music is great, well performed and the bonus is a rare and surprising view of the vibraphone and marimba in Brazilian Music!”      


“Fans of Brazilian music are sure to get a kick out of the varied offerings..., there's a freshness and vivacity to all the music here. One can easily hear the dedication and the light-hearted fun they're having in communicating the joy of Brazilian music.”  Jazz Society of Oregon


"..great soloing and lotsa groove. Lipner sounds right at home on Brazilian turf, giving an improvisation lesson on every solo. Check out Brasilian Vibes to see how well vibraphone and Brazilian music fit together."  Percussive Notes

NELSON FARIA  “Rio” (2006)

“Arthur Lipner is the first guest, playing the vibraphone. While on tour, teaching and performing in Peru and Brazil, the New York based musician was happy to be guest on Nelson's album. "Rio" is a true jazz performance, showing why Arthur Lipner has emerged as one of the leading vibes voices in jazz, perfectly matching the acoustic guitar skills from Faria.”                                                                                               


“Arthur Lipner wields his mallets as if they were extra limbs on "Modern Vibe," the jazz vibist and marimba man's fifth CD as a bandleader.  It's polished, but it's got edge.  Radio should dig what Lipner does with Bill Withers' "Ain't No Sunshine"; it's the paradigm of what a modern vibe should sound like.”  Billboard


"I would like to think that the vibraphone and marimba are entering into a much belated renaissance and that Arthur Lipner occupies a prominent role in the foregrounding of those instruments in jazz and popular music...This is jazz vibes at its smoothest and most subtle... (London)


“Delightful is perhaps the best term to describe Arthur Lipner's cover of the pop classic “Love the One You're With.” That's the worst I can say about his new CD, Modern Vibe.  On an album that's chock full of excellent tunes, it's difficult to say which is the best.  The album's closer, the high-energy “Blue Tango,” is the perfect finishing touch—satisfying, yet making you want more.”


“You've got to admire...this extremely melodic and jazz/worldbeat - conscious vibes artist.  Hopefully Lipner's very melodic writing and creative performing style will find an outlet among fans...Another unique element here is Lipner's affinity for Brazilian music,  on the rolling samba grooves of Djavan's "Flor de Lis" and, more unexpectedly, the oft-covered (but never like this) "Let's Stay Together."  All Music Guide


“Lipner’s virtuosity and “monster chops” are evident on each track of this cd.”   Percussive Notes  


“Lipner is fully in command of his instruments, with improvisations that swing perfectly.  His note placement on vibes and marimba is ideal...a tight, cohesive group that performs flawlessly...   Cadence Magazine

“Lipner tempers his harmonic adventurousness and rhythmic drive with just the right balance to serve the music...Exemplifies how well mallet percussion works in a variety of contemporary settings.”  Percussive Notes

“With originals and surprising covers, Lipner floats, rings, and slams as he makes his travels.  It’s a “gentle force” which describes a lot of the best Brazilian music...While this cd stands on the “contemporary” side of the jazz fence, it does not have the “sterile” sound the style is often accused of.”      Jazz Improv magazine   


“Portraits blends World Music and Jazz in unique, ear-pleasing ways...”


“One of the most successful performers in the adult contemporary field is monumental vibraphonist Arthur Lipner.  After a notable career and significant recording achievements, Lipner has put together a cd with some of the most important musicians in adult contemporary music...A really must-buy...”  Chelsea News (NYC)

“A pleasing, meticulously-produced fusion of bop and calypso.  The music’s the story...”  San Francisco Guardian

“One of the most intriguing and accessible sounds to come along in a long time, an exciting combination of calypso and jazz.  I love this music, and could listen to it all day...You can tell these guys are having fun...”    Decatur Daily (GA)                                                     


“A glowing collection of Lipner originals that connects directly with listeners’ bodies, souls and brains...Lipner has gone a great distance in solving the eternal problem of balancing musical sophistication with an approach also accessible to the general public.”   Jazztimes

With a heavy jazz and afro-cuban influence, this album sets a new standard for the relationship of percussion in the medium of modern music. The excellent musicality without the tedious and monotonous style of many "new age" performer's makes this album unique. Lipner's music speaks for itself...


"Guitar and vibraphone in a thrilling duo recital with timeless, inflammable ideas... Warm ballads burgeon beside provoking, avant-garde sound plasma, forming their own integrated musical system of co-ordination.."    CD Tips, Germany                                                                                                                                                      

“What better way to let tones glow and flow than to hang them between Lipner and DeSalvo on vibes/marimba and guitar...Even when the melody is abstract, the sound is great!.”    Jazztimes


“Thoughtful and astute duets.  Tightly focused but always in the service of their genuinely original compositions.  A fine digital document by two impressively versatile and creative talents.”  Cadence


“A classy sound...some settings are raw, some restrained and lush.  Yet everything is, above all, musical...It is certainly world beat - universal perhaps.”  Modern Drummer


“Indeed, there’s a refreshing sound that lifts everything and everyone...Terrific...Arresting, whether coaxing rich rain-forest sounds from his marimba, or letting loose free-flowing arcs...”   Jazztimes

“In Any Language could fit in anybody’s cd collection anytime. Any questions???”  Percussive Notes

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