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Arthur Lipner has toured in China & Russia (both 2019), Europe (38 times),

Brazil (18), England/Scotland (14), Mexico (5), Far East/Japan (4), Australia/

New Zealand (2), Morocco, Turkey, Ghana, Malaysia and many other places

on the globe. Full listing right (desktop), below (mobile). 

Arthur teaches privately full time.  Get in touch for lessons in-person/online.

2023 SCHEDULE - just gettin' goin', check back soon!
International tours in the works, please get in touch for inquiries
July 15-30: Spain
August 7-17: Portugal
November: SE Asia (Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong)

Jan 2 - Live Radio Interview WPKN 5:30 - 6:30p live stream at
Jan 25 -
 Arthur Lipner Trio, Jazz Series @ La Zingara, Bethel CT. 6, 8pm. tix
- composing for duo album w/ Jack Desalvo, Unseen Rain Records
March 30-April 1 
- Clinic Connecticut Music Educators Conf, Hartford CT tba
April 15 - Performance NAFME Music Educators Conf, Rochester NY

Dec 10 -
Choral holiday service (marimba), WEPCO Wilton CT 10a (free public)

Dec 5 - w/ Avery Morgan Franks & Band, one set 9p, Heaven Can Wait NYC 
Nov 11 - Performing w/ Ney Rosauro (concert) time tba, PASIC Indianapolis IN
Nov 10 - MALLET POET new album released!
Nov 10 - Performing w/ Ney Rosauro (clinic) 1pm, PASIC Indianapolis IN
Nov 10-12 - PASIC (Percussive Arts Society Int'l Conf), Indianapolis, IN
MalletWorks Music will be exhibiting so stop by and see our new releases!

Nov 3 - Concert open to public, Guest w/ VanderCook Jazz & Percussion ensembles.
Nov 2-4 - Residency, VanderCook College of Music, Chicago IL. 
Oct 1 &2 - Carriage House Recording Studio sessions for Mallet Poet album

Sept. 29 - My BIRTHDAY!!!
Sept 25 - CT Governor Lamont event Noon - 2p. contact me for info
Sept 24 - Michiko Studio NYC  rehearse for my new album!
Sept 11 - Michiko Studio NYC rehearse for new Arthur Lipner album!
Sept 10 - Wilton Steel, Historic Rowayton Fundraiser, Pinkney Park
Sept 6 - Fall Semester private teaching begins, 25+ students
Sept 4 - Caribbean Cruisers (private event), Stamford, CT
Sept 3 - Michiko Studio NYC, rehearse for new Arthur Lipner album!
August 28 - Fundraiser Wilton Steel Community Band, Wilton CT
August 26Wilton Steel Community Band, Craft 14, Wilton CT 5:30 - 7:30p
August 20 - Caribbean Cruisers (private event), NY
August 19Wilton Steel Community Band, Craft 14, Wilton CT 6-8p
August 15-17 - New England getaway :)
August 13 - Caribbean Cruisers (private event), NY 3-6p
August 12Wilton Steel Community Band, Craft 14, Wilton CT 6-8p
August 10Wilton Steel Community Band, Meadow Ridge, Redding (Seniors)
August 7 - Caribbean Cruisers (private event), NYC 3-7p
August 6 - Caribbean Cruisers (private event), NY 6-10p
August 6 - Wilton Steel St Matthews Church, Norwalk CT 2-3p
August 4Wilton Steel Community Band, Craft 14, Wilton CT 6-8p
July 31 - Caribbean Cruisers (private event), NY
July 29 Wilton Steel Community Band, Craft 14, Wilton CT 6-8p
July 29 - Commercial video shoot for Snipes apparel, NYC Noon - 2p

July 28 - CT Humane Society Fundraiser, Wilton Steel, Wilton 5 - 6p
July 24 - Caribbean Cruisers (private event), NYC
July 21 - A.L. Caribbean Duo, 6-8p, Port Imperial, NJ
July 19 - Brazil Festival Inverno Domingos Martins, 17:30-18:30 clinic (online)
July 17 - w/ Bakithi Kumalo (bass w/ Paul Simon), MerwMdws, Wilton 5-7p

July 16 - Caribbean Cruisers (private event), Stamford CT
July 14Wilton Steel Community Band, Craft 14, Wilton CT 6-8p
July 14 - Caribbean Cruisers (aft private event), Fairfield, CT
July 13 - A.L. Caribbean Duo, Trinity College Summer Series, Hartford, CT 6p
July 7Wilton Steel Community Band, Craft 14, Wilton CT 6-8p
July 4 - Caribbean Cruisers (3-7p private event), NY
July 3 - Wilton Steel Community Band, Wilton CT
June 30 Wilton Steel Community Band, Craft 14, Wilton CT 5:30 - 7:30p
June 29 - Crew Cuts Studio/NYC, first mix session for my next album!
June 25 - Wilton Steel Community Band, Wilton CT
June 24 - Spring Semester private teaching ends
June 23 - Wilton Steel Community Band, Craft 14, Wilton CT 5:30 - 7:30p
June 22 - Arthur Lipner Trio, Jazz Series @ La Zingara, Bethel CT. 7-9:30p. Tix.
June 17-19 -Formula One Race/Montreal. Gig? Needs to be a good one!
June 16 - World Premiere of my latest ensemble composition "3 Laughs"

commissioned by/at Monroe Township NJ + Concert/Talking Sticks Film Q&A 
June 12 - United Church of Rowayton, Rowayton CT (Wilton Steel)
June 11 - Caribbean Cruisers (private event), NYC
June 10 - Caribbean Cruisers (private event), NYC
June 9 - Arthur Lipner Caribbean Duo, 6-8p, Port Imperial, NJ 
June 5 - Annual Private Students Recital, 3p, Wilton CT
June 5 - Zero Waste Faire, Wilton Steel Community Band, 11a-1p, Wilton, CT
June 2 - Caribbean Cruisers Worldwide Plaza Noon-2p free/public, NYC
May 29 - Caribbean Cruisers (private event), Stamford, CT
May 14 (eve) - Mexicali Marimba Band (private event), Fairfield, CT
May 14 (aft) - Caribbean Cruisers (private event), Irvington, NY
May 10 - Newtown High School clinic, Sandy Hook, CT 
April 14 - East Carolina State University concert (Rosauro/Lipner), Gville, NC
April 13 - Cardinal Gibbons High School clinic, Raleigh, NC 
April 12 - University of North Carolina clinic, Chapel Hill NC 
April 8 - Jazz Symposium Adjudicator/Clinician, 4-9p, Wilton CT
April 7 - West Chester University clinic, 11a - 12:30p, West Chester PA
April 2 - Knauer Performing Arts Center, Brasilian Vibes Trio, West Chester, PA
April 1 (pm) - Duquesne University clinic, Pittsburgh, PA
April 1 (am) - Indiana University clinic, Indiana, PA

March 31 - Indiana University concert, Indiana, PA (Mallet Fantasia concerto) 
March 26 - Wilton Steel Community Band, Wilton CT
March 23 (pm) - University High School clinic, Orlando, FL
March 23 (am) - Timber Creek High Sschool clinic, Orlando, FL
March 22 - Southeastern University/Polk State College clinic, Lakeland FL
March 20 - University of Central FL, Brasilian Vibes Trio concert, Orlando, FL
March 19 - South FL Ctr Percussive Arts, Brasilian Vibes Tr concert, Miami, FL
March 18 - South FL Ctr Pecussive Arts, Brasilian Vibes Trio clinic, Miami FL
Feb 28 - Chelsea Music Hall, 407 W 15 St. NYC (10-10:45p one set only!)
Feb 10 - Arthur Lipner Trio, Meadow Ridge Senior Center, Wilton CT  

Dec 31 - New Year's Eve private event CT 
Dec 22 - Private event, Greenwich CT
Dec, 15 - Wilton Steel Community Band, OLF, Wilton CT
Dec 3 - Mexicali Marimba Band (private event), CT
Nov 12/13 - Percussive Arts Society Int'l Convention, Indianapolis IN
Oct. 30 - Recording session, student project
Oct. 22 - Plymouth, MA (private event)
Oct. 16 - Music On The Hill fundraiser,
Oct. 6 - Central Washington University, Ellensburg WA. Workshop 6pm

Oct. 5 - Soloist with Walla Walla Symphony, Walla Walla, WA
Performing Rosauro's Marimba Concerto #1 for my first time!
Follow my
FB page for live stream info

Sept. 29 - My BIRTHDAY!!!
Sept 26 - Caribbean Cruisers (private event), NY
Sept. 18 - Wilton Steel Community Band, (private event), Wilton CT
Sept. 12 - Wilton Steel Community Band, Democratic Fundraiser, Wilton CT
August 28 - Caribbean Cruisers (private event), NY
August 21 - Caribbean Cruisers (private event), NY
August 21 - Special Event in West Chester PA. Covid postponed until April 2 
August 20 - w/ Nanny Assis,  Pierson Park, 238 W. Main St., Tarrytown, NY

August 16 - Wilton Steel Community Band, Meadow Ridge, Redding, CT
August 14 - Caribbean Cruisers (private event), NY
August 10 - Wilton Steel Community Band, Craft 14 Wilton, CT

August 6 - Caribbean Cruisers (private event), NY
August 3 - Wilton Steel Community Band, Craft 14 Wilton, CT
August 1 - Recording Session Brooklyn NY
July 31 - Caribbean Cruisers (private event), NY

July 29 - Wilton Steel Community Band, Wilton, CT
July 17 - Arthur Lipner's LATIN VIBES (private event), Rowayton, CT
July 15 - Wilton Steel Community Band, Craft 14 Wilton, CT

July 11 - Wilton Steel Community Band (private event), Fairfield, CT
July 4 - Wilton Steel Community Band (private event), Wilton, CT
July 3 - Caribbean Cruisers (private event), NY
June 27 - Caribbean Cruisers (private event), NY
June 26 - Wilton Steel Community Band (private event), Wilton, CT
June 19 - Wilton Steel Community Band (private event), Wilton, CT
June 18 - Wilton Steel Community Band (private event), Wilton, CT
June 17 - Wilton Steel Community Band, Craft 14 Wilton, CT
June 10 - Wilton Steel Community Band, Cactus Rose, Wilton, CT
May 29 - Caribbean Cruisers (private event), NY
May 28 - Philippines Cultural Center, Manila * Live Video Workshop
May 19 - Wilton Steel Community Band (private event), Bridgeport, CT

2020 Highlights (COVID)
PHILIPPINES - Philippines Percussive Arts Society Chapter * live workshop
ENGLAND - Royal Northern College of Music * educational video

SPAIN - Best collaboration of all pandemic videos (!)

USA (pre-covid)
CT - Wilton Jazz Festival, Wilton High School * guest artist
CT - Recording Session Carriage House Studio "Midnight Robbery" w/ Fiona Silver
NJ - World Vibe Congress * workshop

2019 Highlights
CHINA – 5th China Marimba Festival, Datong, CHINA
ENGLAND – Millfield School, Somerset * workshop

RUSSIA - Gnesin Russian Academy of Music, Moscow * workshop
RUSSIA - Drum Wave Percussion Festival, Saint Petersburg * concert/workshop
RUSSIA - Peterburi Jaani Kirik, Saint Petersburg * Arthur Lipner Band concert
CT – Norwalk Public Library * Brazilian Vibes Concert
CT –Celebration of Dalai Lama, Ridgefield Playhouse * Concert w/ Nawang Khechog
CT – Wilton HS World Language & Arts Festival * Concert/workshop
CT - PAS Day Of Percussion Festival, Westport CT
MD - Montpelier Arts Center, Laurel * Brasilian Vibes Trio
NJ – Newport Tower Concert Series, Jersey City * Caribbean Cruisers
NY – Greenwood Lake Town Of * Caribbean Cruisers concert
NY - Americares Gala Benefit, Purchase * Mexicali Marimba Band
NYC – Circle Line Cruise around Manhattan
NYC – Rainbow Room, Rockefeller Center * 9 events
NYC – Worldwide Plaza Concert Series * Caribbean Cruisers
UT - Weber State Univ, Ogden, UT * workshop
UT - Southern Utah University, Cedar Falls * concert, alking Sticks Screening
UT - Canyon View High School, Cedar Falls * workshop
UT - Herriman High School, Herriman * workshop
UT - Ridgeline, High School, Millville * workshop

2018 Highlights
AUSTRALIA, Brisbane – Doo Bop Jazz Bar * Arthur Lipner Quartet
AUSTRALIA, Canberra - Groove Warehouse * Clinic/Concert
AUSTRALIA, Ivanhoe – Ivanhoe Grammar School * Workshop
AUSTRALIA, Melbourne–First Australian Vibraphone Competition Adjudicator
AUSTRALIA, Melbourne – Univ of Melbourne * Workshop/Concert
BELGIUM, Rumbeke - Talking Sticks Screening/Workshop/Concert
ENGLAND, London - Purcell School * Workshop
ENGLAND, Manchester - Royal Northern College of Music * Workshop
ENGLAND, Petersfield - Bedales School Clinic/Concert
ENGLAND, Sandbach - Love Music Trust Workshop
SCOTLAND, Edinburgh - Talking Sticks Screening/Workshop/Concert
WALES, Cardiff - Royal Welsh College of Music & Dance Workshop

CT - Weston High School, Weston * Guest w/ Wind & Jazz Ens/Screening
NJ - Lighthouse Film Society, Long Beach Island * Talking Sticks Screening/Workshop
NYC - Lebewohl Park Concert Series * Brasilian Vibes Band
NY - Americares 35th Gala, Purchase * Mexicali Marimba Band
NY - Briarcliff BOCES * Brasilian Vibes Trio
NY - Town of Greenwood Lake * Caribbean Cruisers concert
NY - Jazz Forum, Tarrytown * Brasilian Vibes Trio Live recording/concert
VA - Shenandoah University, Winchester * Workshop
VT - Interplay Jazz Camp, Woodstock* workshop

2017 Highlights 
SPAIN, Palencia - Diputación Provincial de Palencia concert
SPAIN, Segovia - Percucyl Festival workshop

CT - Levitt Pavilion, Westport * concert Brasilian Vibes
CT - Ives Center For Performing Arts, Danbury * concert

CT - Nordic Sound Big Band, Bijou Theater,  Bridgeport * concert
CT - Silk 'N Sounds Chorus, North Haven High School * guest artist
IN - PASIC Concert Brasilian Vibes Trio, Indianapolis
KY - Morehead State Univ, Morehead * workshop
KY - Eastern Kentucky State Univ, Richmond * workshop

KY - Henry Clay HS, Lexington * concert guest artist
NYC - BB King’s * concert Brasilian Music Soul
NYC - Blue Note Jazz Club * concert Brasilian Vibes
NYC - Recorded (3) solo albums *
NY - Americares 30th Anniv Gala, Purchase * Mexicali Marimba Band
NY - Slyfest ’12 Music Festival, Sherman * concert Brasilian Vibes Trio

NY - Southampton * Arthur Lipner Jazz Trio concert
TX - High School for Performing Arts, Houston * workshop
TX - Sam Houston Univ, Huntsville * workshop
TX - Stephen F. Austin Univ, Nacogdoches * workshop

2016 Highlights
BRAZIL, Rio De Janeiro - Arthur Lipner Group concert Club Triboz
BRAZIL, Rio De Janeiro - "Um Cafe La Em Casa" show w/ Nelson Faria
BRAZIL, Sao Paulo - Guest w/ Celso De Almeida quartet SESC Consolaçao
BRAZIL, Sao Paulo - Guest w/ Celso De Almeida qtet SESC Campo Limpo

CT - Danbury, Ives Center for Performing Arts, Danbury, CT * w/ Wilton Steel
CT - Recorded album #2 with vocalist Norm Drubner
MS- Mississippi State Univ * Workshop
MS - Univ. Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg MS * Concert/Workshop
NYC - Blue Note jazz club * w/ Nanny Assis
NYC - BB King’s club * w/ Brasilian Music Soul
NYC - New York Public Library * Arthur Lipner Jazz Trio
NYC - Subrosa Club * w/ Brasilian Music Soul
NYC - Symphony Space * Talking Sticks Screening/Concert
NYC - Recorded (5) solo albums for Solo Sounds 
​NY - Americares Annual Gala * Arthur Lipner Trio
NY - Great Neck, Steppingstone Concert Series * w/ Brasilian Vibes
NY - Buffalo, Slyfest ’11 * w/ Brasilian Music Soul

2015 Highlights
CT - Levitt Pavilion, Westport * w/ Brasilian Vibes
FL - Pompano Jazz Festival, Pompano Beach * w/ Nanny Assis
FL - Univ of Central Florida, Orlando * workshop
FL - Univ. of Florida, Gainesville * workshop
IL - Illinois Day of Percussion, Chicago * workshop
IN - Vincennes Univ., Vincennes * Arthur Lipner & Brasilian Music Soul
NV - Las Vegas Academy of Music, Las Vegas * workshop/concert
NYC - ABC’s The View * w/ The Caribbean Cruisers
NYC - BB King’s, NYC * w/ Brasilian Music Soul
NYC - Blue Note jazz club, NYC * w/ Nanny Assis
NYC - Iridium club * w/ Brasilian Music Soul
NY - Americares Annual Gala, Westchester * Arthur Lipner Trio
NY - Slyfest ’10, Buffalo * w/ Brasilian Music Soul
PA - Messiah College, Mechanicsburg * workshop
PA - Ware Center, Lancaster * w/ Portal Percussion Trio

2014 Highlights
BRAZIL, Rio De Janeiro, Univ. Fed Rio de Janeiro - workshop, concert
ENGLAND, Hertfordshire Purcell School * workshop-
ENGLAND, London - Guild Hall School of Music * workshop
ICELAND, Reyjkavik-Tonlistarskoli Reykjavikur *workshop,concert,screening

ICELAND, Reyjkavik - recording session w/ Ragga Grondal
TURKEY, Istanbul - MIAM * workshop , recording session
TURKEY, Izmir - Yasar University * workshop/concert,
CT - Fairfield Theater Company, Fairfield * w/ Band Together
CT - New Haven International Film Festival CT * Talking Sticks World premiere
IN - Percussive Arts Society Int’l Convention, Indianapolis * Talking Sticks screening
NYC - Blue Note jazz club * w/ Nanny Assis
NYC - Sounds of Brazil (SOB’s) * w/ Nanny Assis
NY - Great Neck Steppingstone Concert Series * w/ Brasilian Vibes
VT - Hartland Jazz Festival, Hartland * concert, Talking Sticks screening
United Airlines Inflight Safety Video recording session, NYC

2013 Highlights
AL - Jacksonville State Univ, Jacksonville * workshop
AL - Univ. of Alabama, Birmingham * workshop
CT - American Heart Association, Westport * w/ Wilton Steel
CT - Yale University Jazz Festival, New Haven * Arthur Lipner Trio
GA - Georgia State Univ., Atlanta * workshop
GA - Univ. West Georgia, Carrolton * workshop
IA - Iowa State Univ, Ames * residency teaching + concerts
MS - Univ. of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg * workshop
NYC - Blue Note jazz club * w/ Nanny Assis
NYC - New York University * concert guest artist w/ jazz ensemble
NYC - Zinc Bar * w/ Vanessa Falabella
PR - Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music, San Juan * workshop

2012 Highlights
BELGIUM, Leuven - Leuven Music School * workshop
ENGLAND, London - Trinity/Laban Conservatoire * workshop
ENGLAND, London - Guild Hall School of Music * workshop, concert guest artist
BELGIUM, Mol - Mol Music School * workshop
ENGLAND, Manchester - UK Int’l Perc Festival Royal Northern College * workshop, concert guest artist
NETHERLANDS, Tilburg - Fontys Conservatory * workshop
ENGLAND, Wells - Wells Cathedral School * workshop, concert guest artist

CT - Branford Jazz Festival, Branford * Brasilian Vibes
CT - Fairfield Theater Company, Fairfield * w/ Band Together
DE - Univ. of Delaware, Newark * concert guest artist
NY - Americares Annual Gala, Westchester * Arthur Lipner Trio
NYC - Radio City Music Hall * steel drum guest
NYC - Sounds of Brazil (SOB’s) * w/ Nanny Assis

2011 Highlights
BRAZIL, Campinas - University of Campinas * workshop
BRAZIL, Sao Paulo - Programma Do Jo tv show (Brazilian David Letterman) 
BRAZIL, Rio de Janeiro - Santo Scenarium club * concert + recording session
BRAZIL, Sao Paulo - UNESP Sao Paulo State Univ * workshop
BRAZIL, Rio de Janeiro - Universidade do Rio de Janeiro * workshop

CT - Save The Children, Westport * Arthur Lipner Trio
DE - Univ. of Delaware Steel Band Festival, Newark * concert guest artist
NYC - Consulate of Mexico * Arthur Lipner Trio
NYC - Kitano jazz club * w/ Scot Albertson
NYC - Sounds of Brazil (SOB’s) * w/ Nanny Assis
NYC - Tomi jazz Club * w/ Scot Albertson
TX - Texas State Univ, San Marcos * workshops

2010 Highlights
PERU, Chaclacayo - Colegio Mayor * concert
PERU, Lima - ICPNA * workshop, concert guest artist

CT - Eastern CT State University, Willimantic * workshop
CT - Fairfield Theater Company, Fairfield * w/ Band Together
NYC - Laurie Beechman Theater * w/ Scot Albertson
NYC - Sounds of Brazil (SOB’s) * w/ Nanny Assis
NYC - St. Peter’s Jazz Series * w/ Scot Albertson
TX - Univ. of North Texas, Denton * workshop, concert guest artist

TX - Denton Jazz Festival, Denton * concert w/ Eric “The Scortch” Scortia

....Pre 2010 will be archived here when time allows....

Arthur has appeared at many venues around the world. In addition to jazz clubs, festivals and industrials, he is one of the most in-demand guest lecturers in the field of percussion.  Below are a wide range of appearances, ranging from some of the most prestigious conservatories on the globe to small community colleges in the foothills of the Appalachians, and corporate work from ABC News to Saks Fifth Avenue.



Queensland Conservatory, Brisbane, AUSTRALIA
Australian National University, Canberra, AUSTRALIA
Festival of the Contemporary Arts, Canberra, AUSTRALIA
Sydney Conservatorium, Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Antwerpen Conservatory, BELGIUM
Antwerpen, BELGIUM (2 times)
Boom Music Schule, Boom, BELGIUM
Lemmings Institute, Leuven, BELGIUM
Leuven Music Schule, Leuven, BELGIUM
Mol Conservatorium, Mol, BELGIUM
Casa Thomas Jefferson, Brasilia, BRAZIL
Universidade Federal do Brasilia, Brasilia, BRAZIL
Ritmos da Terra 2002, Campinas, BRAZIL
Unicamp, Campinas, BRAZIL
Cine Art UFF w/ Nat'l Symph of Brazil), Niteroi, BRAZIL
Theatro Sao Pedro, Porto Allegre, BRAZIL
Armazem Digital, Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL (3 times)
Cais do Oriente, Rio De Janeiro, BRAZIL
Fundacao Progressao, Rio De Janeiro, BRAZIL
Sala Cecilia Meirelles, (Nat'l Symph), Rio De Jan, BRAZIL
Santo Scenarium, Rio De Janeiro, BRAZIL
Univ Federal do Rio De Janeiro, Rio De Janeiro, BRAZIL
IInd Latin-American Perc. Festival, Santa Maria, BRAZIL
Univ Federal do Santa Maria Santa Maria, BRAZIL
Bar Ao Vivo, Sao Paulo, BRAZIL
Centro Estudos Musicais Tom Jobim, Sao Paulo, BRAZIL
Universidade Livre de Musica (ULM), Sao Paolo, BRAZIL 
Drumfest 2006, Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA
KOSA Music, Montreal, CANADA
5th China Marimba Festival (2019), Datong, CHINA
Plaza del Pueblo, Alajuela, COSTA RICA
Plaza del Pueblo, Heredia, COSTA RICA
Plaza del Pueblo, Monteverde, COSTA RICA
Irazu Conference Center, San Jose, COSTA RICA
Plaza del Pueblo, San Ramon, COSTA RICA
Dom Kulture, Bjelovar, CROATIA
Int'l Percussion Ensemble Week, Bjelovar, CROATIA
Hrvatski glazbeni zavod, Zagreb, CROATIA
Birmingham Conservatoire, Birm, ENGLAND (2 times)
Chethams Music School, Manchester ENGLAND (2 times)
Felsted School, Southsted, ENGLAND
Guildhall School of Music, London, ENGLAND (2 times)
Huddersfield University, Yorkshire, ENGLAND
Purcell School, Hertfordshire, ENGLAND
Royal College of Music, London, ENGLAND (2 times)
Royal Northern College, Manchester, ENGLAND (3 times)
Trinity/Laban Conservatoire of Music, London, ENGLAND
Wells Cathedral School, Wells, ENGLAND
Baiser Sale Club, Paris, FRANCE
Conservatoire Superieur, Paris, FRANCE
7th Festival de Percussion, Paris, FRANCE
Dagara Music Center, Medie, GHANA
Muiderpoort Music Festival, Amsterdam, HOLLAND
Sweelinck Conservatorium, Amsterdam, HOLLAND
Cafe De Zet, Bergen op Zoom, HOLLAND
Witte Zwaan, Berlicum, HOLLAND
Spiegel Jazz Club, Groningen, HOLLAND
Azijnfabriek, Hertogenbosch, HOLLAND
Cafe De Boulevard, Hertogenbosch, HOLLAND
Fontys Brabants Conservatorium, (Guest Faculty for 5 years) Tilburg, HOLLAND
Paradox Club (4 times), Tilburg, HOLLAND
Voortuin Club, Tilburg, HOLLAND
Cafe Rosenberg, Reykjavik, ICELAND, 
Tonlistarskoli Reykjavikur, Reykjavik, ICELAND
Royal Horse Jazz Club, Osaka, JAPAN
Domo Market, Tokyo, JAPAN
Hobbit Mura Gakko School, Tokyo, JAPAN
Japan Percussion Center, Tokyo, JAPAN
Japan Percussion Society, Tokyo, JAPAN
Asean Jazz Festival, Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
Barn Thai Club, Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
Hard Rock Cafe, Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
Club Med, Buccaneer's Creek, MARTINIQUE
Marimba Park, Chiapas, MEXICO
IVth Int'l Festival de Marimbistas, Chiapas, MEXICO
IInd Int'l Week of Percussion UNAM, Mexico City, MEXICO
Univ Nacional Noma de Mexico, Mexico City, MEXICO
The Royal Palace, Marakech, MOROCCO
Christchurch Polytechnic Jazz School, NEW ZEALAND
Wellington Polytechnic Conservatorium, NEW ZEALAND
Norwegian Academy of Music, Oslo, NORWAY
Colegio Mayor, Chaclacayo, PERU
Conservatorio Nacional de Musica, San Juan, PERU
ICPNA/Lima Jazz Festival, Lima, PERU
IIIrd Int'l Percussion Festival, Lima, PERU
Jazz Zone Club, Lima, PERU
Nat'l Conservatory of Music, Lima PERU
JazzArt Performance Space, Bytom, POLAND
Community Center, Glogow, POLAND
VIIth International Percussion Festival, Opole, POLAND
Club Haarlem, Zielona Gora, POLAND
2nd Int'l Percussion Festival, San Juan, PUERTO RICO
Gnesin Russian Academy of Music (2019), Moscow, RUSSIA
Drum Wave Festival (2019), Saint Petersburg, RUSSIA
Peterburi Jaani Kirik (2019), Saint Petersburg, RUSSIA
Edinburgh Percussion Festival, Edinburgh, SCOTLAND
Royal Scottish Acad Music & Drama, Glasgow, SCOTLAND
Radio Televizija Slovenia, Ljubljana, SLOVENIA
Conservatorio Superior Musica de Arriaga, Bilbao, SPAIN
Conservatorio de Musica de Communidad Madrid, SPAIN
Taller Musicos Club, Madrid, SPAIN
Conservatorio Superior Musica de Murcia, SPAIN
Conservatorio Musica de Riba-Roja, SPAIN
Conservatorio Superior Musica de Valencia, SPAIN
Conservatorio Superior Musica de Vigo, SPAIN
Int'l Day of Percussion, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Royal College of Music, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Swedish Academy of Music (SAMI) Stockholm, SWEDEN
ITU MIAM Center for Advanced Studies in Music
Istanbul, TURKEY
Yasar University, Izmir, TURKEY


AmeriCares Foundation, Westchester, NY
Association of Performing Arts Presenters, NYC, NY
ATT (numerous tv commercials), NYC, NY
Auburn University, Auburn, AL
Baylor University, Waco, TX
Bethune-Cook Community College, Daytona, FL
Biloxi Visitors Center, Biloxi, MS
Blue Note jazz club, NYC, NY (5 times)
Boston Conservatory, Boston, MA
Bowling Green State Univ, Bowling Green, OH (2 times)
Brigham Young University, Provo, UT
British Telecom, NYC, NY
Butler University, Indianapolis, IN
Calvin Klein, NYC, NY
Cameron University, Lawton, OK
Cardinal Gibbons HS, Raleigh, NC
CBS This Morning, NYC, NY
Central Missouri St. Univ., Warrensburg, MO
Central Park Zoo, NYC, NY
Chelsea Music Hall, NYC, NY
Citibank, NYC, NY
Clemson University, Clemson, SC (2 times)
Concordia College, Moorhead, MN
Cosmopolitan magazine, NYC, NY
CreditSuisse, NYC, NY
Democratic National Committee, NYC, NY
Denver School of the Arts, Denver, CO
Directions For Our Youth, Harlem, NYC
Dobbyns-Bennet HS, Kingsport, TN
Drummers Collective, NYC (faculty)
Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA (2 times)
East Carolina University, Greenville, NC (3 times)
East Texas State University, Commerce, TX
Eastern Connecticut State University, Windham, CT
Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, KY
Eden Prairie High School, Eden Prairie, MN (2 times)
Edinboro University, Edinboro, PA
Emory University, Atlanta, GA
Emporia State University, Emporia, KS
Fuji TV Japan (tv show), NYC, NY
The GAP (print shoot), NYC, NY
General Electric (tv commercial), NYC, NY
Georgia State Univ., Atlanta, GA
Glassboro State College, Glassboro, NJ
Glenville State College, Glenville, WV
Goldman Sachs, NYC, NY
Google Inc., NYC, NY
Gustavus Adolphus College, St. Peter, MN
High School for Performing and Visual Arts, Houston , TX
Houston Community College, Houston, TX
Illiana Day of Percussion, St. John, IN
Indiana State University, Terre Haute, IN
Indiana University, Bloomington, IN
Indiana University, Indiana, PA (3 times)
Iowa State University, Ames, IA (residency)
Jacksonville University, Jacksonville, FL
Jacksonville State University, Jacksonville, GA
Japan Travel Bureau, NYC, NY
James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA
Jersey City State College, Jersey City, NJ
The Juilliard School, NYC
Kent State University, Kent, OH
Knauer Performing Arts Center, West Chester, PA
KOSA Music, Castleton, VT
Levitt Pavilion, Westport, CT
Lipton Tea (tv commercial), NYC, NY
Lovett School, Atlanta, GA
LSU, Baton Rouge, LA
Marshall University, Huntington, WV
Mesa State University, Grand Junction, CO
Middle Tennessee State Univ., Murfreesboro, TN
Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic, Chicago, IL
Minnesota Perc. Assoc Symposium, Eden Prairie, MN
Missouri Western State College, St. Joseph, MO
Murray State University, Murray, KY
Museum of Modern Art, NYC, NY
Museum of Natural History, NYC, NY
New Canaan HS, New Canaan, CT
New York Times, NYC, NY
New York University, NYC, NY
Northeastern LA University, Monroe, LA
Northwestern College, St. Paul, MN
Northwestern University, Evanston, IL
Ohio University, Athens, OH
Oklahoma University, Norman, OK (2 times)
Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK
PAS Int'l Headquarters Concert Series, Lawton, OK
Penn State University, State College, PA
People Magazine, NYC, NY
Pepsi Corporation, Westchester, NY
Purdue University, Purdue, IN
Rowan University, Glassboro, NJ
Samford University, Birmingham, AL
Seagrams, NYC, NY
Sesame Street (tv recording sessions), NYC, NY
Seventh Avenue South Jazz Club, NYC, NY
SOB's, NYC, NY (10 times)
Sony Pictures, NYC, NY
South Florida Center for Percussive Arts, Miami FL
South Street Seaport, NYC, NY
Southeastern University, Lakeland, FL
Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX (2 times)
Sports Illustrated, NYC, NY
St. Mary's University, San Antonio, TX (2 times)
Southwest Texas State University, San Antonio, TX
State University of New York, Fredonia, NY
State University of New York, Potsdam, NY
State University of New York, Purchase, NY (faculty)
Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, TX
Texas Music Educators Assoc (TMEA), San Antonio, TX
Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX (2 times)
Truman State University, Kirksville, MO
United Way International, NYC, NY
University High School, Orlando FL (2 times)
University of Alabama, Birmingham, AL
University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL
University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ
University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR
University of Bridgeport, CT (Dir. Percussion Studies)
University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL (3 times)
University of Colorado, Boulder, CO
University of Colorado, Denver, CO
University of Delaware, Newark, DE (2 times)
University of Florida, Gainesville, FL
University of Georgia, Athens, GA (2 times)
University of Houston, Houston, TX
University of Illinois, Champaign, IL (2 times)
University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS
University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY
University of Maryland, College Park, MD
University of Memphis, Memphis, TN
University of Miami, Miami, FL (4 times)
University of Missouri, Columbia, MO
University of Montana, Missoula, MN
University of Nevada, Las Vegas, NV
University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC (2 times)
University of North Carolina, Greenville, NC
University of North Texas, Denton, TX (3 times)
University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, CO
University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, MS
University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN
University of Texas, Austin, TX
University of Texas, El Paso, TX
University of The Arts, Philadelphia, PA
University of West Georgia, Carrollton, GA
University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire, WI
Utah State University, Logan, UT
VanderCook College, Chicago, IL
Virgin Atlantic Airways, NYC, NY
Washburn University, Topeka, KS (2 times)
Weber State University, Ogden, UT
West Chester State University, West Chester, PA
West Texas State University, Canyon, TX
West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV
Western Connecticut State College, Danbury, CT (3 times)
Wichita State University, Wichita Falls, Kansas
Winona State University, Winona, MN (2 times)
Winterguard Intl., Meadowlands, NJ
Yale University, New Haven, CT
Young Harris Univ., Young Harris, GA
Youngstown State U., Youngstown, OH

Percussive Arts Society Int'l Conf. (PASIC) 1990, 1993, 1996, 2000, 2008, 2017

Percussive Arts Society Sponsored "DAYS OF PERCUSSION"
Arizona - Arkansas - Colorado - Connecticut - Florida - Georgia - Kansas - Kentucky - Louisiana - Montana - Minnesota - Nevada - New Mexico - North Carolina - Ohio - Oklahoma - Pennsylvania - Puerto Rico - Tennessee - Texas - Utah

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