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“Lipner belongs to that rare category of master player that includes Art Tatum and Oscar Peterson”…
Chronicle Herald, Nova Scotia concert review

"For me it's always the same...put on the headphones, shut out all else, hear magic, paint with sound.."
Arthur Lipner's "Two Hands, One Heart" liner notes (2015)

CBS Good Morning America, NYC
French National TV3

Fuji TV, Japan

TV10 Chiapas, Mexico

Polish National TV

Programa do Jo, São Paulo, Brasil (David Letterman equivalent)

Radio Televizija Slovenia

Reuters European Network
The View, ABC tv, NYC
TV Senado, Brasil

Fox News, Hartford, CT
WLOX, Biloxi, MS

United Airlines In-Flight Safety Video
Sesame Street
It's A Different World Theme Song (Bill Cosby show/NBC)
Bell Atlantic
Shell Oil
A T & T
Two Palms Art Gallery (NYC)

Arthur Lipner next album release:  music recorded in Istanbul, Reyjkavik, St. Petersburg (Russia)

  • Talking Sticks documentary (2016) sound track
    Two Hands, One Heart (MalletWorks, 2015) "Best Of" compilation 1990-2015

  • Brazilian Vibes (MalletWorks, 2010) with Nanny Assis, Wycliffe Gordon, Nelson Faria / recorded in NYC and Rio de Janeiro

  • Modern Vibe (Jazzheads, 2004) with Jerome Harris, David Finck, Joel Rosenblatt, Tommy Igoe

  • Portraits In World Jazz (Jazzheads, 1998) with Vic Juris, Fred Hersch, Harvie S, Glen Velez

  • The Magic Continues (Palmetto, 1994) with Vic Juris, Bob Mintzer, Randy Landau, Joel Rosenblatt

  • The Ocean & Breeze (Victor Music, 1991)  Japan release of In Any Language

  • In Any Language (Tall Tree, 1990) with Vic Juris, Bob Mintzer


  • Arthur Lipner performs Bob Marley “Legend” album (Marimba)

  • Arthur Lipner performs Christmas Favorites (Vibes)
                     Arthur Lipner performs Drake Top Hits (Steel Pans)

  •  Arthur Lipner performs James Taylor “Sweet Baby James” album (Vibes)

  • Arthur Lipner performs John Coltrane’s “Ballads” album (Steel Pans)

  • Arthur Lipner performs Louis Armstrong’s “Hello Dolly!” album (Steel Pans)

  • Arthur Lipner performs Paul Simon’s “Graceland” album (Marimba)

  • Arthur Lipner performs Van Morrison’s “Moondance” album (Vibes)

  • Arthur Lipner performs “West Side Story” cast album (Vibes & Marimba)



  • The Crossing (Unseen Rain, 2015) with Jack DeSalvo

  • Liquide Stones (Enja-Tutu, 1994) with Jack DeSalvo

  • Heads Up Band (Daagnim, 1983)  recorded in Dallas, TX



  • Breakdown, Breakthrough (Ellia Communications, 2010)

  • Sticks To Latin (MalletWorks, 2003)

  • Caribbean Steel Drums (BMC, 2001)

  • Jazz Mallets: IN SESSION (Rowloff, 2000) educational...recorded in Nashville, TN

  • Vibes Works By MalletWorks (MalletWorks, 1999) 

  • Mallet Works By MalletWorks (MalletWorks, 1998)  recorded in USA & Netherlands

  • Solo Jazz Vibraphone Etudes (Ludwig, 1990) educational


  • With Nelson Faria
    (All recorded in Rio de janeiro, Brazil)

  • Jazz Café Brasil, A musica de Tom Jobim (Sony Brasil, 2007)

  • Jazz Café Brasil, A musica de Vinicius de Moraes (Sony Brasil, 2007)

  • Jazz Café Brasil, A musica de Bossa Nova (Sony Brasil, 2007)

  • Nelson Faria (G&F Records, 2002)

    With Taryn Szpilman 

  •  Vintage Café (Sonora Música Brasil, 2016)

    With Johnny Viana 

  • Johny Vianna, “Amor Cançao Da Vida” (2019) Steel Pans

    With Afonso Claudio

  • Blue Rio (Rhombus, 2015) 

        With Pascoal Mereilles

  • "Tom" (Nossa Music, 2005)

With Pulse Percussion (recorded in Belgium 2019)

  • The Ouderits Family "Relaxation" 

With Alash Tuvan Throat Singers

  • Dan McCarthy & Alash

With Scott Albertson

  • Vibination (Albertson Music, 2010)

With Chris Brubeck

  • Waterworks (Wilton Library, 2003)

With Steve Clarke

  • New Beginnings (HopnBop, 2009)

With Clemson University
(recorded in Clemson, South Carolina)

  • One Small Step For Pan (Clemson, 2009)

With Norm Drubner

Put On A Happy Face (Drubner Music, 2017)

  •  The Rainbow Connection (Drubner Music, 2016)

With Rob Fried

  • Water Rhapsody (Listening Palace, 2008)

With Amy Gallatin

  • Sweet Gatherings (Appy, 1995)

With Sunny Ledford Band

  • The White Album (MCA, 2001)

With Ze Luis 
(All recorded in NYC)

  • Caiapo (ZL Music, 2006)
    Guarani Banana (Melandro, 1999)

With Glenn Medeiros

  • Glenn Medeiros Christmas (Amherst, 1993)

With Ney Rosauro

  • Solo Percussion and Percussion Ensemble (Cane, 2005) recorded in Miami, FL

With Brian Torff

  • Hitchhiker Of Karoo (Optimism, 1987)

    Lipner Compositions on Commerical Albums include

Percussion Ensemble Mariendall (EPMCD02) Luxembourg

 Schlagzeugerschulen Percussion Hit II (Amos Records CD5936) Switzerland

Reyjk studio at mixing board FIXED_edite

Stúdio Sýrland, Reyjkavik, Iceland 

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