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Arthur Lipner's Jazz Improvisation Video Course was launched Spring 2021.
It's available for individuals and educational institutions by purchasing an annual license. 

The course is the natural next step to Arthur's presentation of this material to thousands of students around the world. 
Band Directors, Middle/High School Jazz and Percussion Instructors and Teachers/Professional Musicians with little improvisation experience will find it of great benefit to inspire students, enhance skills and add value to their program.

The starting point is to check out the Sampler video below of material taken from Video 1/Semester 1. 

Jazz Improv Course Lipner

Rave reviews from around the world below!

For further details and purchase

click here for MalletWorks Music. 

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Jazz Improv Course Fees_Lipner

Rates unchanged thru 12/31/24



"Arthur Lipner is one of the world's most accomplished keyboard percussion performers and educators. I'm proud to recommend his Jazz Improvisation Course to musicians of all ages. The material is well organized providing opportunities for both beginner and advanced players at the same time. This is an excellent course for High School and University educators to embrace for their students allowing 24/7 access to the most up to date materials available. Bravo Mr. Lipner!  Gary France, Groove Warehouse, Canberra, Australia

"Learning how to improvise on mallets just became much easier! Lipner's new course is an excellent educational package to learn individually or in classes. Through the easy "play along”, Arthur helps you understand the art of improvisation and helps you sound good. Congratulations for your teaching vision and educational contributions!"  Dr. Ney Rosauro, Percussionist, Composer & Educator

"This course contains a wealth of information, rich in content and clearly explained in a way that makes it accessible to everyone. Students can learn so much about phrasing and feel by playing alongside Arthur and the other great musicians on the tracks. Really valuable addition to percussion teaching resources."  Andrea Vogler, Royal Northern College of Music (Manchester, England)

"As a career orchestral player and educator, I didn't study much improvisation along the way. This course outlines the process perfectly. It's comprehensive and will suit beginners of all ages. Lipner's delivery, the provided lessons, and organization of materials are all top notch. I can see having a deeper connection with my students through improvisation using this course."  Craig Hetrick, Assistant Principal, Indianapolis Symphony

“This video course is outstanding in every aspect!  For educators, it serves as a step by step instructional tool to teaching improvisation to jazz mallet students.  It will make you think “where was this course when I started teaching?”  For students, these tunes are fun and motivational and will make them excited to dig in.  It is easy to use, well organized and really thought out.  Taught by a master in our field, this is an absolute MUST have for all educators!   You won’t be disappointed!   An excellent addition to the percussion pedagogy library”. 
Yale Snyder, Percussion Specialist, Monroe Township School District (Monroe Township, NJ)

"Valuable information on the physical aspects of playing the instrument and exercises. Includes compositions for players of any level to harness their skills to an advanced level..ear training, improve/strengthen rhythm, and enhancing ability to improvise. Will also help students sustain their motivation and interest through the artful use of music that is unique and high quality. A must buy for every vibist!"
Satur Tiamson, Philippines PAS Chapter President, Innovative/Zildjian Artist (Philippines)


"Lipner shows the “building blocks” in a way that is easy to see and, more importantly, hear!  I like the addition of the trio performances using the elements discussed. Fantastic for students and teachers alike. This course will be a big success. Congratulations!"  Dave Smith, New Haven Symphony 

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