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Arthur is most often booked in the capacities detailed below:
Guest Artist/Clinician
Arthur Lipner Group
Brasilian Vibes Trio
Talking Sticks Screening/Q&A



“Both the concert and workshop were a great contribution to our festival..” — W. Lasek, Opole Festival, Poland

“A most sincere thanks, everyone was impressed and inspired by his excellent playing..” — Jose Alicea, San Juan Puerto Rico Music Conservatory

“A great workshop which was inspirational for all...” — James Strebing, Birmingham Conservatoire (UK)

Lima Jazz Fest w kids dancing.jpg

Lima Peru Jazz Festival

New York University (NYU) Jazz Ensemble 

Arthur is available to visit your Middle School, High School, University or Community Arts Center campus. Whether it be for a two-hour workshop or one-week residency, Arthur is a seasoned educator who will motivate with knowledge and inspire with performance virtuosity
as he has done 300 times on six continents. Workshops are interactive with group participation. Master classes
 can be combined with workshops. Materials are sent prior to maximize Arthur's time with your students. Arthur can present to a small or large age span.

Arthur's clinics cover a wide range of topics including Basic Music Theory, Percussion Technique For Two & Four Mallets, Improvisation For All Instruments, Composition, Arranging, Sound Frequencies And Acoustics, Recording Sessions, Music Business, Music Publishing, Album Production and Release, Career Development, Life After School As A Professional Musician and more. Arthur is sponsored by Conn-Selmer/Ludwig-Musser and Zildjian as an Artist/Clinician.

Arthur typically plays solo vibes and marimba in combination with ensemble guest appearances. His trademark fingertip playing will  mesmerize your audience! Arthur can guest with several different ensembles in the same program. He has downloadable arrangements to perform as a Guest Artist with:

Percussion Ensemble - Options include Lipner Caribbean classics such as Some Uptown Hip-Hop & Lime Juice. Also available is his "Mallet Fantasia" concerto (some or all of the four movements). Two rehearsals are usually required for this piece. Children's Choir is a fantastic option when available. 

Jazz Ensemble (student and faculty) - Arthur can join any arrangement your Jazz group is ready to perform. He can also provide two of his compositions (arranged by Bob Mintzer) and a Walk Don't Run/Strike Up The Band medley. Arthur is available to perform with your faculty small group and area musicians. He will send charts ahead and plan to rehearse prior to the concert as time allows.

Wind Ensemble & Orchestra (optional Children's Choir) - Arthur's concerto "Mallet Fantasia" is available for Winds and Chamber orchestra.

Residencies usually happen in one-week periods. Two separate concerts can be scheduled for the week, with ample time to rehearse. Arthur is accustomed to working long days and will give you all he's got (!) on non-concert days. Feel free to work in guest lecturer courses and as many private students as you wish.  During residencies Arthur is an open resource for anything and anyone on campus. Full semester residencies will be considered, as will a combination of in-person and video instruction.

(available for bookings worldwide)

“From the depths of my heart I thank you, Arthur.  You do great things for people.” — Coordinator of Artistic Events, Chiapas, Mexico

“Everybody is totally buzzing, nothing but positive feedback..” — Alasdair Rankin, Edinburgh City Council, Scotland

“Hearing him in person was a real treat. Truly a phenomenal player.” — L. Vanlandingham, Baylor Univ., Austin, TX

Bruno shot Great Neck vib & mar_edited.jpg

Arthur Lipner Group is available for concerts in all kinds of venues around the world.  I've been performing and touring with my own band for 30+ years. I play vibes & marimba onstage whenever space and logistics allow. If the situation & budget do not allow me to bring my NYC-based musicians, which is often the case, I can perform with musicians in your area. I've done this in many countries, recently in Moscow and Russia Nov. '19.  My musical arrangements come together quickly, are lots of fun to play, and make us sound like a band! A couple of my pieces involve audience participation. In any configuration, your audience is guaranteed my virtuosity, experience, and on-stage charm ;) !

(available for bookings worldwide)

 "DELIGHTFUL and UPLIFTING!"  — Freda Welsh, Executive Director, Levitt Pavilion Westport CT

“..beautiful arrangements based on a landscape of rock-solid percussion grooves. Recognized as one of the world’s top mallet players, Lipner delivers virtuosic craftsmanship on both vibes and marimbas.”  —

“Lipner was such an inspiration to both musicians and audiences!” — Gabriel Alegria, Lima Jazz Festival (Peru)

BV press photyo.pdf.jpg

Brasilian Vibes Trio members are Arthur Lipner (vibes & marimba), Nanny Assis (guitar/vocals/perc) and Leonardo Lucini (7-string elec bass). Lipner and Assis have been performing together for 10+ years. Engagements have included NYC’s famed Blue Note (August ‘17), KOSA (Montreal), Slyfest 2017 Festival (NY), Pompano Jazz Festival (FL) and Levitt Pavilion (CT). Their album “Brasilian Vibes” was nominated “Best CD Of The Year” by the Brasilian Press Awards. In 2017 the same organization awarded Assis “Best Brazilian Vocalist in USA” for the second time in his career.  Lipner’s concert appearances, recordings, and publications have established him as a leading mallet player and composer of his generation. This ground-breaking trio integrates mallets and percussion with varied Brazilian styles and repertoire to create exciting new sounds which will tap your feet as you travel with them to Brazil. Assis is from Bahia, and Lucini from Rio de Janeiro. Lipner, a CT native, has toured in Brazil eighteen times. 

           (available for Screenings/Q&A worldwide)

“An exciting exploration, a transfixing story.”  Symphony Space (NYC)

“Beautiful music, scenery, stories and insights.”  WilmFilm Int'l Film Festival

"A strong documentary…an engaging, informative and personal journey. Bravo!"  
                                                 New Haven Int'l Film Festival

“A film the likes of which you’ve never quite seen before, a string theory of heart and mind.”  
                                                       Mark Tucker, Veritas Vampirus

TALKING STICKS (2016) tells the fascinating untold story of vibraphone (vibes) and marimba. Filmed in Ghana (small village), Mexico (marimba factory), Brazil (Nat’l Symphony Orchestra, Rio Carnival), Norway (ice xylophone), Iceland (stone marimba) and USA. Interviews with Gary Burton, Mike Mainieri, Vida Chenoweth and others. Historical perspectives, instrument/mallet manufacturing on three continents, cultural and creative insights, and much more. Leading percussionist Arthur Lipner is the journeyperson. His passion and creative struggles are touching and inspirational, embodying the human desire for identity and sharing of one's personal voice with the world. Extraordinary locations and fabulous performances not to be missed!  (TRT 63 mins, English/subtitles).

Screenings of Talking Sticks are often booked with Arthur Lipner present for a Q&A session, followed by a concert/workshop.  To screen the film without Arthur present please inquire. 

(available for bookings in NY/CT/NJ) 

"Arthur’s and his extraordinary community musicians filled the air with beautiful music." S.W., Greenwich CT client

"So much fun and a great selection of music. Arthur Lipner is a master. Five plus stars!" J.R., Wilton CT client

"Arthur and his very talented group of musicians ranging from teenagers to adults gave an amazing performance!" L.M., Wilton CT client

Wilon Steel Community Band Photo.jpg

Arthur had always dreamt of directing a group open to all ages and all levels of experience (including none!) with no auditions. In 2010 he created the Wilton Steel Community Band where he lived in Wilton CT using that concept. Wilton Steel is first and foremost about education. In 2016 America's Got Talent found out about us and requested a demo. Arthur arranged "Shut Up And Dance" and the group shot the above video live. Members are ages 10-78! Now, in 2021, over 50 players have moved through the band. It's changed their lives and enriched the lives of those around them in our community. Being on the musicians' side of the bandstand is a dream that comes true in Wilton Steel!  

Arthur says: "The world is my community. I've performed in every corner of the globe, meeting new people and sharing my music. Equally enriching is the work I do in my own neighborhood. Music allows me to make a difference in people's lives in immeasurable ways wherever it may be. I give thanks to all members past, present and future who give me this opportunity!"

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